What's new in Inscape 6.0

  • New Geographic module "Geo Entities" to create GIS based interactive applications on PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Augmented Reality: Intel RealSense cameras are now supported to track the environment without any marker requiered
  • Real time 3D reconstruction using an Intel RealSense camera. Reconstructed model can be saved.
  • Augmented Reality: See through mode support on AR glasses
  • 2D Paint View entity added to let the user draw over his application
  • New layout manager added to the editor to improve the user interface customization
  • Added Function tasks in Synapse to easily create mathematical functions
  • Views can now have different anchors and can be sized/positioned in pixels unit
  • Augmented Reality: AR views now support both video files and cameras as external video sources

What's new in Inscape 5.0

Android Publication

Projects can now be published to Android devices as standalone applications. Inscape automates all the publication steps: code compilation, generation of the manifest, asset packaging, APK generation.


  • Ready for store publication

The published package is ready to be uploaded to a store. Inscape generates a single APK file with a custom package name, icon and version.

  • On-the-fly installation

You can also let Inscape upload and install the application directly to an Android device connected to your machine, using the Android USB debugging mode.

Applications are compatible with Android version 3.2 or greater.

Available in the Pro version only.

Augmented Reality Extension

The Augmented Reality Extension enables you to display content on overlay of real world objects:

  • Animated 3D models:
  • Multimedia content (images, videos, web pages)
  • Technical documentation (PDF, HTML…)
  • Cortona 3D animations
  • User interfaces : menus, annotations, etc.





Four techniques are available to track the real world objects position:

  • QR code tracking
  • Image tracking
  • Extended image tracking: takes into account the surrounding environment when the reference image is out of view
  • CAD data tracking, also called marker-less tracking, since it uses the shape of the real world object to detect its position
  • Several QR codes and images can be tracked simultaneously. 

Three synchronization modes are available:

  • Camera: the stage camera is automatically synchronized with the real world camera ( device’s camera). If several markers are tracked, the marker with the best tracking quality will be used.
  • Trackable: the position of each marker in the 3D Stage is synchronized with the position of their equivalent in the real world
  • Manual: the synchronization is performed in the project behaviour screen.

All the steps to create Augmented Reality applications can be performed directly within Inscape including the import and processing of CAD data and the real-time tuning of tracking parameters.
No third party software or manual edition are required to configure the files to be processed.

Real-Time tuning
In order to fine-tune te application behaviour, it is not required to test it live. Indeed The video playback mode allows you to use a video file instead of a real-time video stream avoiding the logistics issues of being physically present on site for tests.

The Occlusion mode allows you to define some depth into your visual field and add more accuracy to details. By defining define virtual occluders, the 3D models are hidden by an element as they would be in the real world. That way you can ensure that a part located behind an equipment remains hidden until the user moves to the correct viewpoint.

 Without occlusion: the part located inside the engine seems to be floating above it, making the instructions hard to understand  With occlusion: the virtual part is correctly hidden by the equipment


Template project

This extension comes with a template project designed to maintenance operations support. It makes it possible to create a complete application in a few minutes: Configure the markers, the Cortona 3D procedure and the multimedia content to display contextually, and your application is ready to run The template is fully customizable: user interface style and layout, new functions definitions at each step of the procedure, etc.



Cortona 3D Integration

The Cortona 3D engine is now fully integrated with Inscape. It can be used:

  • As a replacement of the integrated 3D rendered of Inscape
  • In composition with the 3D renderer of Inscape. The point of view of both engines can be synchronized in order to display Cortona 3D objects inside a standard 3D Stage.

The procedure steps and their description can also be retrieved to be used in the project’s behaviour. A preconfigured widget permits to display these steps and navigate inside the procedure.

Oculus Rift support

The Oculus Rift helmet enables you to create highly immersive 3D simulation. Inscape supports the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2):

  • Position and orientation tracking: synchronizes the position and orientation of the user head with the 3D camera
  • Stereoscopic screen deformation: makes Inscape 3D renderer compatible with the stereoscopic display mode of the Oculus Rift


Available in Pro version only

Full support of multi-touch devices

The touch interfaces support has been significantly improved. All the touch events are now available through Synapse, including gestures such as Swipe or Pan.
A touch navigation metaphor is available as a Task in Synapse to quickly implement scenarios compatible with tactile interfaces.

Extended support of third party 3D formats

The support of 3D models formats has been substantially improved. 

Improved compatibility

The compatibility of several already supported formats have been improved:

  • Collada ( .dae )
  • 3ds Max 3DS ( .3ds )
  • Wavefront Object ( .obj )

New formats

Inscape now supports a large range of standard, CAD and game formats including:

  • Filmbox (FBX)
  • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC/Step) ( .ifc )
  • AutoCAD DXF ( .dxf )
  • Stereolithography ( .stl )
  • Blender 3D ( .blend )
  • 3ds Max ASE ( .ase )
  • LightWave ( .lwo, .lws )

The complete list of the newly supported formats:

  • Collada ( .dae )
  • Blender 3D ( .blend )
  • 3ds Max 3DS ( .3ds )
  • 3ds Max ASE ( .ase )
  • Wavefront Object ( .obj )
  • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC/Step) ( .ifc )
  • XGL ( .xgl,.zgl )
  • Stanford Polygon Library ( .ply )
  • AutoCAD DXF ( .dxf )
  • LightWave ( .lwo )
  • LightWave Scene ( .lws )
  • Modo ( .lxo )
  • Stereolithography ( .stl )
  • DirectX X ( .x )
  • Filmbox (FBX)
  • AC3D ( .ac )
  • Milkshape 3D ( .ms3d )
  • TrueSpace ( .cob,.scn )
  • Ogre XML ( .xml )
  • Irrlicht Mesh ( .irrmesh )
  • Irrlicht Scene ( .irr )
  • Quake I ( .mdl )
  • Quake II ( .md2 )
  • Quake III Mesh ( .md3 )
  • Quake III Map/BSP ( .pk3 )
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein ( .mdc )
  • Doom 3 ( .md5 )
  • Valve Model ( .smd,.vta )
  • Starcraft II M3 ( .m3 )
  • Unreal ( .3d )
  • BlitzBasic 3D ( .b3d )
  • Quick3D ( .q3d,.q3s )
  • Neutral File Format ( .nff )
  • Sense8 WorldToolKit ( .nff )
  • Object File Format ( .off )
  • PovRAY Raw ( .raw )
  • Terragen Terrain ( .ter )
  • 3D GameStudio (3DGS) ( .mdl )
  • 3D GameStudio (3DGS) Terrain ( .hmp )
  • Izware Nendo ( .ndo )

Improved character library

The character library now offers 145 characters with several Levels Of Details that are automatically chosen depending on the camera distance.

Available in Pro version only

High quality vegetation models

The new vegetation library includes 82 highly detailed trees, bushes, flowers and grass patterns. Each model comes with several Levels Of Details.

7 models are available in the Free and Standard version, 75 additional models are in the Pro version

3D enhancements

The graphics engine has been enriched with new functionalities:

  • Smooth transitions between levels of detail
  • The 3ds Max exporter supports level of detail export and model optimization
  • A custom colour can now be set on the 3D zones
  • Better support of NVIDIA Optimus technology


  • Make a rectangle selection using the Shift Key in 3D windows
  • Create URL attributes that can be set to non existing files
  • Double click on a line of the search window to jump to the result
  • Active tasks and connections highlighting now fade out in Synapse Editor
  • Co-routine tasks are now identified with a specific icon in Synapse
  • Attributes with bounded values are editable with a slider in the attribute editor
  • For better visibility, active tasks and connections highlighting now fade out in Synapse Editor
  • Visual Debugging

o Execution call stack is now available on control pins tooltip of active tasks
o Execution call stack trace is also displayed in red when selecting an active task in Synapse

  • Fast creation of tasks : when you connect a pin to an empty space, the task library pops up to let you choose a task to add and connect
  • Improved Lua auto completion (all constants and enums are now displayed)

Usability improvements

  • You can now make a rectangle selection using the Shift Key in 3D windows
  • Double click on a line of the search window to jump to the result
  • “Save as...” now updates the project asset URLs

Entity improvements

  • The speed of the Simulation execution can now be controlled thanks to the SpeedFactor attribute
  • The Widget entities (stage window, widget 2D) now have a OnDrop event to catch data dropped from another application in yours
  • Mouse events on entities now support the mouse extra buttons
  • 2D entities (image, video, widget view) can now be displayed behind the 3D views
  • CurrentPosition and SpeedFactor attributes added on video entities (2D/3D)
  • seek() method added on video entities (2D/3D)

What's new in Inscape 4.1

Web application Publishing

Inscape can now publish projects that can be embedded directly into web pages that are played through a dedicated plugin.

The publication produces an archive file containing all the data required to play the project and an HTML page that can be chosen among a set of templates and customized. All these data are ready to be uploaded to a web server.

Inscape provides means to communicate in JavaScript between your published application and the web page containing it, making it possible to create genuine web applications.

Supported platform are:

  • NP API compatible web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera ...)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

SCORM Content

The new publication interface provides an option to publish SCORM content ready-to-use for LMS integration.

SCORM 1.2 and 2004 run-time APIs are supported.

Several high-level tasks are provided to:

  • Facilitate the initialisation
  • Retrieve current learner information
  • Report score evolution
  • Report interactions and objectives
  • Finalize the API ad report lesson achievement
Inscape SCORM

Object Part Creation and Animation

Inscape Part Detach

Added the ability to detach parts of objects directly in the 3D editor to create independent entities. Hierarchies of objects can be created from a single 3D model. The mechanism supports 3D model updates through a system of unique identifiers (name of by UID).

Object parts can then be animated like any other independent entity.

The pivot of objects can now be edited and several options are provided to automatically place it at the center or at the edges of the object bouding box.

Several new tasks have been added to the library to easily animate object parts:

  • Hide and show
  • Highlight
  • Mount and dismount
  • Screw and unscrew

The colour and opacity of 3D models can now be set and animated directly in the entity attributes.

Graphical User Interfaces over 3D scenes

GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) can now be displayed in overlay of 3D scenes. The system is compatible with previously existing GUI entities of Inscape: interfaces can be drawn in QtDesigner and imported directly as assets by a simple drag and drop. The interface dynamically fits the window resolution and handles transparency to redirect mouse events to the underneath 3D scene.

Inscape Overlay User Interface

Inscape Overlay User Interface

Rich Document support

Inscape Cortona Overlay

The Documents Entities extension adds many document formats that can be displayed either:

  • Over 3D views * (depending on the content type)
  • In full screen, or in a separate window
  • As 3D objects

The following document types are currently availble:

  • Web pages (HTML)
  • YouTube videos
  • Adobe® Flash® animations
  • Cortona3D content
  • PDF files with controls such as the displayed page, the zoom level, etc.
  • and all NPAPI compatible Web plugins

Kinect support

Added support of Microsoft Kinect sensor (InKinectUser).

Inscape fully supports Kinect for Windows, including multi-participants, near mode, low-level skeleton access, etc.

A set of high-level interaction metaphors such as swipe or wave have been added to the task library.

Inscape Kinect Authoring

Inscape Kinect User Interface

High-quality Character Library

Inscape 3D character library

More than 130 characters with high quality models have been added to the character library. The library contains women and men with different clothing styles: streetwear, stylished, sports, military, etc.

3D characters can now be exported directly from 3DS Max with their rigging.

Synapse Scenario Editor improvements

A lot of improvements have been brought to the Synapse Scenario Editor to make it even more easy-to-use and powerful:

  • The performance of the Synapse behaviour engine execution speed has been significantly improved by caching the lua snippets.
  • The automatic completion of the lua script editor now shows contextually the function signatures and supports cascaded function calls.
  • Graph tabs can be closed using middle mouse click.
  • Added the ability to copy and paste Entity Elements.
  • Qt widgets events (MouseEnter, MouseLeave etc) can now be connected with Entity Events.
  • Moving an annotation also move the elements inside if you press Alt key while moving.
  • Annotations can now be locked to prevent manipulation errors.
  • Rectangular selections can be drawn using the Shift Key in Synapse Editor.
  • Items can be vertically or horizontally aligned.
  • Item settings now handle multi selection.
  • Connection can now be drawn starting from the destination pin in Synapse Editor.

Inscape Synapse

Inscape Synapse Align

Inscape Lua Editor completion syntax highlight


  • The application sound volume and balance are now configurable.
  • A comprehensive set of tutorials are now available online and through the help menu. Inscape also comes with a complete project demonstrating the use of a large part of the 3D features.

Improvements and fixes

Numerous small improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

Please refer to the change log for a detailed list.

Note: As usual all the projects created with a previous version of Inscape are fully compatible with this new version.