In 2013, DIGINEXT was notified of the market for the Virtual Maintenance Trainer of the Renovated Cougar in favor of the DGA (French Army). Based on DIGINEXT's Inscape VTS solution, the Light Virtual Maintenance Simulator includes 270 procedures that address various maintenance topics (ATAs) to train future maintenance teams to perform tasks on the Cougar. The final installation is a classroom located at the Military School of Bourges. It includes:

  • 12 Trainee stations
  • 1 Inscape VTS Supervision Station for the instructor, with dual wall projection combined with a technical rack for servers and storage.
  • a physical cockpit station

Cougar Virtual Maintenance Trainer Classroom Configuration

DIGINEXT has carried out the project management, the studies and the development of the simulator. DIGINEXT also trained instructors on the system use and administration.

The student station is used on a dual screen configuration. It displays 4 types of windows:

  • Documentation
  • Cockpit 3D view
  • Exterior 3D view
  • Parts Inventory view
Inscape VMT double view

The instructor Station is based on Inscape VTS with a tri-screen configuration. It is used to monitor student activity by displaying progress indicators.The activity is stored and used to generate reports shaping an analysis of their actions.

Finally, the Inscape VTS solution has demonstrated its flexibility as a turnkey solution with a hardware extension: a physical articulated cockpit equiped with tactile screens.It is either used in an immersive position to teach students to locate the various instruments of the cockpit or it can be deployed in a "pedagogical" position to give a lesson to a large audience.