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Inscape Free is the ideal tool to start building your own 3D interactive application. It offers endless possibilities to create games, e-learning content, serious games, simulations or any type of interactive application. Forget about coding and start creating applications rapidly by downloading Inscape Free

Discover and learn at no cost

Start creating applications rapidly and discover the unique advantages of Inscape. Inscape Free provides you with all the key principles of Inscape:

  • Import your own assets  from standard 3D, image, video file formats to build fancy 3D scenes in minutes
  • Graphically design behaviours and interactions
  • Quickly visualize the result of your scenario as you develop it using the integrated test and play modes
  • Publish your work as a video file or a standalone PC application. Distribute it freely; no installation is required to play it!

Develop without coding

Inscape introduces Synapse: our visual scripting editor gives you limitless control over how the application behaves without touching a single line of code. Synapse offers a set of efficient graphical tools that dramatically facilitate the creation of applications.

  • Generate complex interactive scenarios faster than ever before and without coding
  • Quickly assemble everything from simple behaviours to complete application logics
  • Design hierarchies of tasks for organizing very complex behaviours into manageable blocks that can be saved to a library
  • Our revolutionary visual debugger provides you with a complete understanding on what is going on during the execution: active tasks, data exchanges, current parameter values, etc.
  • Edit logics on-the-fly while the application is running to quickly tune your scenario without restarting it
  • Comment primitives allow you to clearly group, organize and illustrate the scenario logics
  • Easily navigate complex projects with lots of behaviours using a powerful Search tool

Readily available content

Because you always need some material to create your own content, Inscape Free comes with extensive libraries of entities, assets and behaviours.

Out-of-the-box entities let you populate virtual environments in minutes with 3D objects, characters, vegetation, lights, cameras, particle systems, etc. Display them in as many views as needed, adjust time of the day, configure atmospheric settings, activate physics simulation and see you world come to life. Use smart objects such as triggers, zones or paths to define animations or contextual behaviours. Drop multimedia files into your scene to integrate 2D or 3D images, videos and sounds. Now plug your joystick, Wiimote® or Kinect™ and enjoy your game!

Inscape Free also comes with a large library of predefined logics and behaviours, from simple mathematical and logic operators to autonomous cameras, interaction metaphors and all the elements to create non-linear scenarios or complete applications.