Inscape - Serious Game
Inscape Standard

All you need to create your own commercial interactive content

Inscape Standard gives you the power to create rich interactive applications without coding and to deploy them without restrictions. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to develop their own serious game, learning content or simulation rapidly and publish it as standalone or web applications.

Fits the way you think

Inscape Standard offers an accelerated workflow for building your own 3D interactive applications. It’s been specifically designed to increase the speed of your workflow and lower your costs.

  • Import your assets by a simple drag and drop without converting them and launch external asset editors by a simple mouse click
  • Detach parts of 3D models on-the-fly right from inside the editor
  • Test your application often and instantly inside the editor without launching any external tool
  • Modify on-the-fly the scenarios that you are creating; you can build and make real-time changes from within the application being developed
  • Comes with lots of assets, predefined entities and behaviours

Publish to your favourite platforms

Inscape Standard provides a facilitated deployment of the projects to multiple platforms in a single click.

Web applications can be embedded in standard or customized HTML pages.

All you need for your professional games and learning content

Inscape Standard brings a lot of content to author rich and professional content:

  • Take advantage of realistic characters to simulate interpersonal relationships scenarios
  • Enhance the realism of your games or simulations with post-processing effects
  • Design professional looking user interfaces displayed in overlay of your scenes or as 3D objects
  • Use quizzes to author training content
  • Benefit from a wide variety of 3D characters