Audio is a prime aspect of the player experience, be it ambient sounds, music, sound effects or dialogues. Inscape provides you with all you need to create audio environments meeting your own requirements.

Spatialized sounds

Inscape spatialized sounds

Add background music or global sounds to play sounds that the player can hear whatever its location in the scene. Use spatialized sounds to create realistic location dependent sound effects.
Configure advanced settings such as pitch, inner or outer angles, roll off factor, etc. to fine tune the sound effect. Inscape simulates sound panning, attenuation and Doppler effects depending on the listener location to create the most immersive experiences.

Text-to-speech generation

Inscape text to speach

Save time with the text-to-speech generation. Just type in your dialogue or voice-over text, Inscape generates the corresponding audio for you. The system is connected to the translation mechanism to synchronize your audio files with all the versions of your game.

Lip Synch

inscape - lipsynch

See you characters’ lips synchronizing with their voice as they’re talking.