High quality real-time graphics

Based on a cutting-edge 3D engine brought from the aerospace and military simulation world, Inscape benefits from the latest advances in the fields of Virtual Reality and Real-time Computer Graphics  thus enabling an unprecedented level of performance, with the highest visual quality, on platforms equipped with OpenGL graphics boards.

Realistic lighting 

Inscape - Realistic Lighting

  • Switch between per-vertex or per-pixel lighting to adapt to your target hardware.
  • Add realtime adaptive soft shadows. Each object and light source can be configured independently to cast or produce shadows.
  • Handles Sun, Point, Directional and Spot light.

Special effects

Inscape - Special effects

  • Quickly add particle systems such as smoke, fire, or explosions.
  • Display Day-Night cycle with accurate sky simulation depending on the Date and Time.
  • Integrate atmospheric effects such as Clouds, Rain and Snow.

Multi camera Rendering

Inscape - Multi cameras

Why should your game be restrained to a single 3D window? With Inscape, create as many cameras and windows as you want. Each window can contain as many 3D views as you need. Use it to display mini-maps, rear views, 3D inventories, surveillance cameras, multi-player games in split screen or separate screens, and much more. 

Believable Characters

Inscape - Believable characters

V-Man unique skeletal animation system provides advanced motion capture playback and motion blending with Inverse kinematics to enforce ground constraints.

Inscape uses hardware skinning (if available) to display the skin and garments and automatically hides non-visible parts of the meshes.

You can share motion capture files between several characters to reduce the production costs: animations are retargeted on-the-fly to adapt to their morphology.

Add expressivity to your characters with the facial animation engine. All you have to do is animating their high-level mood parameters. 


Inscape - Stereoscopy

Inscape automatically detects your hardware capabilities to produce split or alternate stereoscopic images. Just activate it, plug it to your monitor or 3D TV screen and enjoy the ride!


Complex materials

Inscape - Complex materials

Use multiple diffuse maps, normal maps, and specular maps to produce nice looking 3D models.


Inscape - Vegetation

Populate interiors and exteriors with highly detailed plants and trees. Based on the state-of-the-art SpeedTree® technology, Inscape engine can display from single plants to entire forests.


Multi-Stage support

Inscape - Multi Stage

Split your simulation into several scenes. Display them together in separate views or one after the other as your scenario goes on.

 Low-end to high-end platform support

Inscape gets the most out of the graphics hardware by supporting and adapting to a wide range of configurations, from low-end machines to the last generation of 3D graphics cards.