User Interface

Because a serious game is more than just a game, you need more than just 3D objects to achieve your projects. Inscape offers a comprehensive set of widgets, from simple controls  (text input, combo, list, button, image ...)to web-browsers that will let you create entire applications.

2D and 3D

Inscape - GUI

Widgets can be displayed in 2D windows or directly into your 3D environment. 3D widgets are fully functional, use them to integrate configuration interfaces or questionnaires and let players interact naturally with them.  

Voice command

Inscape - Voice Command

The voice command entity makes it very easy to create hand-free applications. You simply need to provide a set of voice commands to recognize and associate them to some actions using the Synapse Editor. These actions will be triggered as soon as user pronounces the corresponding words.


Inscape - Multi-screens

Inscape supports multiple displays in docking or floating windows. 

Multi-language support

Inscape - Multilangue

Each text and UI of your game can be retrieved and translated independently thanks to the multi-language support system.


Inscape - Quizzes

Integrate quizzes into your 3D window to evaluate a trainee. It only takes a few minutes to edit a new quiz and test it. 


Inscape - StyleSheet

Skinnable User Interfaces give your applications a unique look and feel.