Synapse Scenario Editor

Inscape Synapse Editor revolutionises the creation of Interactive Scenarios. Synapse comes with hundreds of predefined actions and game logics. Drag and drop them, link them together and create linear or highly complex interactive scenarios faster than a skilled programmer. The only limit is your imagination!

Benefit from the Visual Scripting Editorand easily create your scenarios without writing a single line of code.

Create linear and branching scenariosin a few clicks. Drag&Drop tasks, connect them together or group them to create sequences, parallel or looped behaviors, conditions, data exchanges and so much more!

Create your own snippets using the Lua scripting language directly inside the Editor. Forget about compilation errors and documentation: Lua is the easiest language you can imagine. Inscape automatically tells you the available properties and methods on an entity. Test behaviors interactively and add them to the library to re-use them later, or share them with other Inscape users.

Share scripts between entities to speed up the production process. Just make changes in one script, they’re instantly reflected in the behavior

Visual debugging: See the execution of your scenario graph in real time. Visualize data flow and running tasks. Debugging your project has never been so easy!

Inscape - Synapse Scenario Editor