User guide

With the increasing sophistication of consumer and professional equipments, traditional user manuals get more complex and longer to read extensively. Customers and technicians often needs to access a specific piece of information about a given part or sub-system, for which they require simple and explicit indications.
AR digital manuals offer advanced support by showing directly at the location of interest how to perform maintenance and troubleshooting operations, and how to operate the different switches and buttons. They provide interactive and intuitive step-by-step guidance through troubleshooting and reparation procedures, and access to contextual elements of information such as video tutorials.

Inscape User Guide Augmented Reality

Main Features

  • Interactive navigation into the equipment with direct access to the information
  • Objects highlighting and interactive actions
  • Superimposition of animations to show the tasks to perform on the real object
  • Attachment of annotations and labels to real components in order to provide object specific information


  • Contextual access to the right piece of information reduces search time in the documentation
  • High clarity of instructions reduces manipulation errors
  • Reduction of costs and time for support operations
  • Enables non-specialized technicians performing complex service tasks