With more than 50 engineers, artists and specialists in game design, we are at your service for the development of your own custom projects.


DIGINEXT has been developing for several years a user-centric methodological approach which places ergonomics at the heart of our projects design. Our pedagogical experts will carefully listen to your demands and make your projects a genuine learning application or a fun game depending on what you primary seek for.
Because your opinion is the most valuable, we preferably use an AGILE approach. This iterative development methodology lets you monitor the progress of the project very regularly via the frequent release of playable versions, facilitates the communication between you and the development team, saves time and efforts and provides the highest quality projects.
Our team is by our side to analyze your pedagogical needs regarding a set of predefined criteria, imagine the scenarios that will best promote the elements to highlight, define your real artwork needs with regard to the target platform, design attractive and efficient user interfaces, choose devices and define the best suited interaction modes depending on the targeted audience and integrate all these elements in a coherent game.

Multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary teams are perfectly suited to the production of serious game projects, which rely on an efficient collaboration between a large set of skills. Coordinated by a game designer, each teammate contributes to the production of high quality effective projects:

  • The  pedagogical expert analyzes the purpose of your project, proposes ways how to deliver efficiently your messages to the trainees and to maximize the impact on the final users.
  • The  game designer really acts as the architect of the project. Together with the pedagogical expert and the ergonomist, he/she designs the game by taking into account a large set of perspectives (story, objectives, game-play, pedagogical and game aspects, esthetic, user interface, performance, etc.), coordinates the developments and ensures of the coherency of the whole.
  • The  graphics designers are involved during the whole project: creation of initial artwork, prototyping of screens and of the graphical charter during the definition, 2D and 3D modeling, video footage, etc.
  • The  web-designers are generally involved towards the end of the project to embed your game within your website, but who can also design or implement parts of the user interfaces or web pages embedded into the game.
  • The  developers are sometimes part of the project team to add new features or integrate the game into existing software of hardware architecture.

Teams can be adapted depending on the project size.



With several hundreds of projects produced for more than 15 years in commercial, industrial, medical and institutional sectors in fields as varied as procedure and security training, e-learning, simulation, medical rehabilitation or awareness, technical documentation, educative games or virtual tours, Diginext is one of the European leader of virtual reality applications development, and your ideal partner for the quality and durability of your future project.