A team of graphics designers at your disposal

Our team of skilled graphics designers is available to help you with producing data specifically suited to your needs: 3D models (environments, objects, characters …), user interfaces, icons, images, video clips, etc.

With more than 10 years of modeling experience for gaming and industry, they can accommodate any of your needs and will produce the most optimized data for our real-time 3D graphics engine: low-poly to highly detailed models, baked or real-time lighting, professional texturing, key-framed animations, character modeling, rigging and animation, etc. Models can be produced from scratch, possibly based on pictures you provided or taken by ourselves. If you already have pre-existing artwork or CAD models, our artists can convert them to a format most suited to real-time graphics and optimize them if required.


Our web-designers are available to produce all or parts or web pages, either for creating or extending your website or to embed them directly in your game produced with Inscape.